How to Block Ads on Spotify in 2023

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Listening to your favorite music is always dreamy, levitating, and mesmerizing. Also, listening to music keeps your mood always recharged and energetic. But sometimes, people face interruption on music-driven apps and platforms by constant incoming ads. As a result, your moods can get spoiled and even make you end up listening to music for a moment. Therefore, here you have a Spotify Ad block that blocks all the ads on your Spotify app.

It is applicable only if you are using it on your PC or laptop; it does not support working on a smartphone. Regarding its working efficiency, the Spotify Ad Block tool helps block all upcoming audio ads while listening to music audio and songs. It does not end here, as installing the Spotify Ad Blocker chrome extension offers you a wide range of exceptional features. And using these features levels up your listening music experience by decluttering all the unskippable ads. 

Furthermore, to know about these features and the Spotify Ad blocker extension installation process descriptively, following the information below is something you need to do. So can give a kick start to listening to all your favorite audio music and songs binge-free on Spotify. 

Spotify Ad Blocker Extension: Prerequisites 

Before you start digging into the Spotify Ad Blocker chrome extension installation process, you need to fulfill a few of the needed requirements. So you can install the extension smoothly on your PC/laptop without facing any hassle. And these are: 


1.First and foremost, bring either Windows or macOS laptops/PC. It is required because the extension can smoothly work only on these devices. Therefore, it is advised only to use any of these devices to complete the process of installation. 

2.The next required thing that you need to consider is using a compatible web browser. Moreover, the two that can work best for you are Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Also, ensure to use the latest version of them to install the Spotify Ad Blocker chrome extension on your PC/laptop.  

3.The last thing you need to remember is unbreakable or consistent internet connectivity. Consequently, you can escape from reloading or restarting the installation process. 

Spotify Ad Block: Features  

In order to bring more clarity regarding the usage and accessibility of the Spotify Ad Blocker extension, you must go through its features. Doing so will also help you decide whether you should switch to it or not. And these are: 

1.Enable Ad-Free Music 

The first feature is the ability to access more than a million Ad-free music—even podcasts on Spotify, apart from listening to ad-free music on Spotify. But in order to accelerate these services, it is essential to download the extension first. 


2.Free Accessibility 

The next feature is denoting the free accessibility to one million plus songs. It is so because the Spotify Ad blocker extension is entirely free. And it does not cost you any bucks when it comes to installing it on your PC/laptop. 


The last one is easy compatibility and flexibility with browsers and devices. Moreover, ensure either to use macOS, Windows, or Chromebook laptops/ PCs for installation.

Spotify Ad Blocker extension: Installation


Here, you have some manual steps which you can follow to install the Spotify Ad Blocker chrome extension on your PC/laptop. And these are:

1.It would help you best to install the Spotify Ad Block extension by clicking here. 

2.As a result, it will redirect you to the next page. 

3.The next page will ask you to click the “Add to Chrome” button.

4.Doing so will again ask you to click on the button called “Add Extension.” 

5.Consequently, it will start installing the Spotify Ad Blocker chrome extension on your PC/laptop.

6.And once the installation process is complete, it will let you listen to all your favorite music and songs with no ads. 

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