No Premium Suscription, No Problem Use Spotify Ad Blocker For Ad-free Entertainment

Do you love listening to music on Spotify a lot but get irritated by the annoying commercials? Then, you must block all these ads. Wondering how you could do that? Well, you don’t have to do anything except installing the Spotify Ad Blocker extension on your device. This will do everything for you. It strictly blocks all the ads on Spotify and facilitates smooth music listening. In addition to that, you can install the extension for free.
Spotify Ad Blocker

What are the Features of Spotify Ad Blocker?

The extension blocks all the advertisements that interrupt your music.

You can listen to music or podcasts on Spotify with zero interruptions.

Spotify ad blocker is free. Therefore, you do not have to invest or pay anything to listen to Spotify ad-free while using this extension.

It is compatible with all Windows, macOS, and Chromebook devices.

What are the Features of Spotify Ad Blocker

How to Install Spotify Ad Blocker Extension?

You can install the extension on your laptop or PC by following these steps:

Firstly, click here to visit the extension installation page.

On the next page, select the “Add to Chrome” button.

Select the “Add Extension” option. Now, the Ad Blocker extension will be installed on your device.

Enjoy Ad-free music.

How to Install Spotify Ad Blocker Extension

How to use the extension?

You can use the extension by following the steps given below: –
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First, you need to install the extension on your Chromebook, macOS, or Windows device.

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Furthermore, click on the “favicon” places on the top right corner of your browser. Then, click on the “favicon” to pin the extension to the toolbar.​

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Hence, you have enabled the extension and can enjoy music without any commercials.

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Note: - Whenever you are using Spotify, please ensure that the extension is enabled so that you can listen to music with zero ads.

Note:- keep in mind that each time you use the Hotstar, do not forget to enable the extension to enjoy seamless and ad free streaming.
How to use the extension

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