How To Add Friends On Spotify Step-By-Step Guide

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We all know how fun it is to listen to all your favorite music on an unstoppable or break-free music streaming platform. Yes, it's fun, but it can multiply if you add all your friends while music streaming. Don’t be surprised because now it's possible on the music streaming platform called “Spotify.” Spotify is undoubtedly one of the best streaming platforms that enables ad-free music streaming. Moreover, what makes Spotify ad-free is the Spotify Ad Blocker extension

In order to access a Spotify Ad Blocker extension, you need to install it first on your system. So, later you can understand the process of the “How to use Spotify Ad Blocker” extension by following manual steps. Further, adding your friends while streaming music on Spotify will surely enhance your music listening experience. And even let you easily share your favorite songs, tunes & music. So without delaying anymore, let’s begin adding your friends on Spotify. 

Manual Guide to Add Friends on Spotify

If you don’t know, due to the influence of social media platforms and connections, Spotify could enable it. But to block ads on Spotify while music streaming, installing the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension can help you the best. Here's how to add friends on Spotify:

1. Begin by opening the Spotify App on your system, then navigate to the right side of the Spotify interface. There you'll see a live feed of your friends' activity feature. Remember, you must follow your Spotify friends to access this feature. 

2. Next, you need to click on the search bar, which you can see at the top of the Spotify interface, to add a friend. And don’t forget to enter your friend’s name that you want to add. Ensure to enter your friend’s correct username to get accurate search outcomes.

3. You need to pick your friend's profile from the search outcomes. To verify your friend’s correct profile, view their profile picture & username. Remember, it will show you a " Follow " button on your friend's profile. You need to click on the button to send a request to your friend or user.

4. Once you send the friend request to your friend, your friend will receive a notification. It's completely up to your friends whether to accept or decline your friend request.

5. Apart from rejecting, if your friend has accepted your friend request? Then, you both will be added to each other's friends list on Spotify. Once you've added friends on Spotify, it will be easy for you to view their activities, which is on the right side of the desktop interface.  

6. Consequently, this feed will show your friend’s current music listening along with their recent activities. And that’s how you can enjoy music streaming with friends in real time on Spotify. And don’t forget to use the Spotify Ad Blocker extension to exchange your music streaming experience even more. 

7. Notably, the live feed feature will only display your friends' activities once or unless they have set their status to private.

Key Features of Spotify Music Streaming

Along with real-time music streaming and blocking ads via Spotify Ad Blocker, Spotify also has beneficial features. Using these features will definitely amplify your music streaming experience. Hence, a few of the key features of Spotify are as follows:

1. Extensive Music Library

The very first feature talks about an extensive and vast music library of Spotify that offers millions of songs from diversified languages. Moreover, Spotify gives access to easily search for their favorite albums, artists, and tracks, along with the ability to discover new music from different artists & popular hits. If you are disturbed by unskippable ad breaks, switch to Spotify Ad Blocker. 

2. Personalized Recommendations 

Another one we have is Spotify's “Personal Recommendation” feature that provides personalized music recommendations. Due to its analyzing ability of user listening behavior, liked songs & playlists. Hence, a few playlists offer cutting-edge music experiences based on users’ preferences. And these are Release Radar, Discover Weekly, and Daily Mixes. 

3. Custom Playlists and Offline Listening 

Our third one is the “Custom Playlists and Offline Listening” feature. This feature allows you to create playlists, add songs to your library, and organize your music collection. If you are a Spotify Premium subscription, then via this feature, you can download your favorite albums, songs & playlists for offline listening. Moreover, this feature becomes extremely beneficial while listening to music; if you have no internet connection or have low data usage.

4. Social Features

The last exceptional feature of Spotify is “Social Features'' which allows users to follow their friends. And sneak peek at their activities, such as their real-time music listening. Plus, via this feature, you can even share playlists, songs, and albums with your friends using social media platforms or the Spotify app. Furthermore, to make your music streaming experience more enhanced, you can better install the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension.  

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